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First Threesome For Wife

We had been married for just a few years and enjoyed an exciting and adventure filled sex life. Mr. NewHouston had some wild sexual adventures before we were married. His favorite was with a married couple that had him join them. He said the woman loved having two men at one time and said I should consider it sometime. While I was open to the idea I wanted to find just the right guy for my first time taking on two men.

One weekend without planning it all happened and it was great. My husband had his college friend Allen coming to stay with us for a weekend visit. We had all gone to college together and before meeting my husband I was hot for his friend. My husband knew this and mentioned that this would be an opportunity to have my first threesome and finally fill my desire to have sex with Allen.

Allen has a very sexy body and has a personality much like my husbands. Both are very funny and outgoing. Qualities that I find very sexy in a man.

Friday night his friend arrived and we made dinner and watched a football game. I sat on the couch between them and started thinking if I would go for it or not. When the game was over my husband put in a porno that featured two guys with one girl. Both of them started to tease me and joke about acting out what was going on in the video. What the guys did not know was that the video was getting me turned on. The more I watched the more I wanted both of them. After about 30 minutes I decided to get things going.

I got up from the couch and waked into our bed room and started to undress with the door open. The way our house is you can see into our bedroom from the couch so both of them could see me undress. Needless to say Allenís eyes got big when I stripped down completely and stood naked in the doorway. My husband smiled at me and then looked at his friend. Looks like the wife needs a real good fucking and I think she wants you to help buddy, he said getting up from the couch.

Both of them walked into the bedroom and I dropped to my knees and undid my husbands jeans. Our friend just stood in the doorway looking shocked as I started sucking my husbands cock. Dam baby it looks like the porno turned you on, he said watching me work on my husband.

She is great at sucking cock, my husband said. Come on over and let her show you. I want to see you eat her pussy, he said to my husband. I got up on the bed and spread my legs wide apart. My husband stripped off his cloths and started playing with my pussy. I was so wet you could hear my juice as my husband started finger me. Dam she is so hot I can hear her wet pussy over here, Allen said. Spreading my lips apart with his fingers my husband started darting his tong on my clit. Turning my head to face our friend my hands squeezed my breast and pinched my nipples. Fuck her with a few fingers our friend instructed. OOOHHHH I moaned as my husband complied with the request. The situation was so hot. Our friend was not only watching me get my pussy eaten but was giving instructions! My husband started sucking on my clit and fucking me with two fingers. This sent me over the edge and my body shook with a powerful climax.

Our friend was still standing in the doorway looking at me naked on the bed with my husband now standing between my legs. Looking at my husband I asked if it was ok to fuck our friend. I felt like a real slut asking my husband if I could fuck our friend. Go on honey go suck his dick, my husband replied.

I got up from the bed and walked over to Allen and dropped to my knees. He was nervious as I undid his pants and pulled them to the floor. His cock was fully hard and I quickly grabbed it and started licking every inch.

Oh yes you were right she is a great cock sucker he said to my husband. After working my tong down the shaft and back again several times I sucked him into my mouth. Jacking him off as tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible. His cock was much longer than my husbands but not as thick. My husband is a thick six inches where his friend is thin and eight inches.

Looking down at me my husband said, suck his balls baby. Opening my mouth wide I sucked his entire sack into my mouth and gently sucked while jacking him off. Oh shit that feels good, our friend said. She is in her slut mode and I need your help to give her a good fucking, my husband said.

At this point I wanted to get fucked by both of them all night. I stopped my sucking and had both of them get on the bed.

The three of us moved to the bed and Allen was on his back with his long thin cock pointing up like a flag pole. I had wanted to fuck him for so long and at last it was about to happen. I moved on top of him sitting on his lap. I could feel his hard cock against my ass as my hands rubbed his smooth solid chest. He reached up and started playing with my tits. You have real nice breast he said.

My pussy was so wet that I was able to get his cock in me with no effort. OOOHHH I moaned as I slowly pressed back getting him in me. Laying down next to us on the bed was my husband. You like his cock in you baby, he asked and I softly moaned while getting more inches in me. Oh yes it feels so good, I said. Tell me what you like about his cock, he asked. It Ďs so long, I said as I felt it reach my cervix. I can feel her cervix Allen said as I was inching more of him in me.

I had never had a cock go so deep in me before. Allen moved his hands to my ass and grabbed both cheeks giving them a shake. She likes getting spanked, my husband said. Looking in my eye Allen said you want me to give you a good spanking baby. Yes I whispered. His hands grabbed each cheek real hard and then let go. SMACK SMACK! He quickly slapped one cheek and then the other. AAAHHH I moaned as the swats made me wiggle and move his cock around in me. Grabbing each cheek in a hand he started moving me up and down on his cock slowly. Giving my ass a smack after every few thrust. OH GOD I moaned as his long cock slowly pumped in and out of me. She has dreamed for a long about having you fuck her, my husband said. He was right. I had wanted to fuck Allen in college and now it was almost 10 years later and here I was ridding his cock as my husband watched.

You ready to cum baby, Allen asked. Before I could answer he spread his legs out making mind spread further and then thrust his hips upward. His cock went in deeper and I felt his balls press against my pussy lips. AAAHHH I moaned as his cock was now pressed all the way in me. Never before had my pussy been entered so deep. What happened next was amazing. Pressing his hips upward he lifted me in the air and pressed his cock in me up to his balls. The he quickly lowered his hips pulling several inches of his cock out. I would crash down slamming all his cock back into me. He then repeated this very fast several times. I have never screamed with pleasure so loud during sex before. My tits were flopping around and my ass was warm with the spanking. It was like being fucked on a pogo stick. Bouncing up and down on his cock had me on the edge of climax in seconds. Then he stopped and spanked my ass real hard. You like my cock fucking you hard donít you baby, he said giving my ass some good swats. Breathing heavy I gasp agreement. You want some more donít you, he asked. Yes please fuck me baby donít stop, I said. Donít ask me ask your husband for permission. What a turn on to ask my husband for permission to get fucked by his friend. Turning to my husband I asked. Please can I get fuck hard by his cock I begged, I want to get fucked by him so baby I begged. Promise to be a good little slut and you can, he said. I promise to be a good slut, I said.

With that he lifted me up again on his cock and held me in the air for a second or two and then resumed the hard fucking. I moaned out loud as he bounced me on his cock. The room was filled with the sound of me screaming in pleasure and the thumping of his balls smacking against my pussy. YEA YEA AAAAHHH I screamed as I started cuming. I made so much noise that I am sure people down the street could hear me. Allen lifted his hips upward keeping his cock all the way in and he wiggled from side to side. This pressed my clit against his body while I was cuming and made me cum again. I have never ever had this happened before! It was my first ever double. My body was shaking out of control as I reached a new level of pleasure. Dropping forward onto Allen I felt spent.

I rolled off and into the middle of the bed. My husband brought me a glass of ice water as I rested trying to catch my breath. Allen moved his cock to my face and I started licking. She is tasting herself, he said as I tasted my cum for the first time. My husband watched while playing with my breast. Your husband is going to fuck you from behind while you suck my cock, Allen said.

We moved into position with Allen standing next to the bed and my husband behind me. As I worked Allenís cocks with my mouth my husband started pumping me slowly and giving my ass soft swats. I donít know what I like better her pussy or her mouth, Allen said.

After licking and sucking his cock clean Allen told me to switch. I turned around with my ass now toward Allen and my husband was laying on the bed with his legs spread. I started sucking and arched my ass in the air. Allen started slowly pumping all the way in and then almost all the way out. He caressed my ass with his hands and gave me a swat from time to time. I sucked hard on my husbands cock and wanted to make one of them cum. Dam her pussy feels great Allen said. I was being a slut and loved every single second. What a sexy ass you have, he said pumping me. The way it shakes when I thrust in you is hot baby. He spanked my ass a few more time and then pulled out saying he did not want to cum just yet.

Allen had me get on my back with my head handing off the bed. Standing over me his cock was above my face. My husband spread my legs wide and started fucking me. Opening my mouth wide I sucked on his balls as he started jacking off. You going to cum on her tits, my husband asked as he started fucking me faster. Yea, I am going to shoot on her tits and face, he said. I grabbed my breast and pushed them together and shook them. At the same time I moved my mouth from his balls to the spot between his balls and asshole. Oh shit thatís hot he said as I felt the first several drops of hot cum hit my tits. My husband started driving in me fast and hard almost knocking me off the bed. Allen stepped back and shot the remaining load on my face. At that moment my husband pulled out and shot his load on my belly. Both of them groaned and slapped there cock on me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of Allenís cock in my mouth and swallowed a few drops.

The three of us took a shower together and both of them washed me clean of cum. It was the most erotic and wild sexual experience I had ever had.

On Sunday it was an hour before we had to take Allen to the airport. I asked the guys you guys up for a quickie? Get your ass on the bed the guys said and I did quickly. I dropped my shorts and panties and arched my ass in the air. Both of them did the same and stood behind me. Allen entered me first and started pumping me slowly. Dam you have a sexy ass, he said. That is when my husband whispered something to him and I tried to hear but could not tell what he was saying.

AAAAHHH I moaned as Allen started fucking me fast with his entire cock. He balls making that slapping sound with every thrust. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard and my husband replaced him and started fucking me the same way. OOOOHHHH I screamed as my husband opened my pussy wide. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard. Allen replaced him quickly and continued the wild fast fucking. Each of them were coming within a few pumps of making me cum before pulling out. This went on and on and I was going crazy hanging on the edge of letting loose. Then Allen thrust all the way in and grunted loud. His hot cum shot deep in me as I started to cum as well. When finished he gave my ass a few more slaps and pulled out. My husband replaced him and shot his load in a few seconds. For the first time I had two guys cum in me within seconds.

After catching my breath and cleaning up my slut weekend ended as we drove Allen to the airport.

Houston, Texas


Copyright (c) 2003,, All Rights Reserved