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Whore In Training

It's FINALLY Saturday!! That's what I woke up thinking! I hade been a good little whore all week for my big, black lover, giving him blowjobs in the gym everyday after school. He promised that on Saturday, I would get the fucking I craved from him so much.

He told me that I had been a good little slut, and that I had become a great cocksucker in just one week. I had learned about when he would explode in my mouth, and I had learned to swallow ALL of his cum down my throat. I even gave my husband a thrill by swallowing for him last night for our regular Friday night sex.

But I had to make some excuse to leave. Saturday is usually reserved for family activities. I didn't have to think about it long, because he told me that since I was so good to him last night by swallowing--something I had never done for my husband--he would watch the kids and give me some time to do the shopping alone. Great!

I drove over to the address the coach gave me after his blowjob yesterday. It was a run-down, cheap hotel, and it was not in the best part of town. I was really nervous, but I kept thinking of that huge cock! I pulled into the parking lot, and asked for him at the desk. The clerk told me that the coach was expecting me, and not to keep him waiting. I went straight to the room.

I knocked, and he answered the door. He said, "I'm glad you made it, slut. You're going to have a great time today, I promise!"

That got me really wet. Then he said, "Go get a bubble bath. Be sure to wash and braid your hair. Shave your pussy hair also. And put these on when you get out of the tub." He handed me a sack with some clothes in it. "Be sure to take your time," he said, as I turned to go into the bathroom. "I want you looking REALLY good for what's coming."

With that, I went into the bathroom, and took my bubble bath. I was so relaxed, I think I almost fell asleep. But I wanted to get on with the fucking I had been looking so forward to since last Friday afternoon.

I dried my hair, and braided it, just like he said. As I was doing that, I couldn't help but think of how my husband loves for me to braid my long, brown hair. It really gets him horny.

Then I started getting things out of the bag. Was that a knock I heard? There was a tight-fitting, black merry widow. I put it on, and adjusted the stockings. It was really sheer. I could see my nipples hardening right through it. But the bag wasn't empty. In the bottom of the bag was a load of make-up. I got the idea. I put it on really thick, just like the tramps I had seen downtown. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. As I looked, I thought what had become of me. Just a week ago, I was a devoted wife and mother; a stable influence at school; and church member. But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a cheap-looking whore who could think about nothing but the fucking I was about to get in a dirty hotel room. It made me really wet thinking about what I had become.

I was ready to meet my man. I know he would approve of the look he had given me. As I opened the door to the bathroom, I could hear voices in the room. Maybe he has the television on. But when I got around the corner, I saw five other black men sitting on the bed and drinking beer with my lover. Then I heard whistles and cat-calls.

"Man, you sure got yourself a hot, little tramp there," one of them said.

"What's this?!?!" I asked, or better screamed, as I tried to cover up my almost naked body.

"Don't look so surprised, slut," my lover said. "Didn't I promise you a fucking that you crave so much?"

"Yes, but I thought you meant with you."

"Relax, slut. I'm here. I just told my buddies what a great little slut you had become, and they wanted to get in on the action."

"No, way." I screamed. "I never signed on for this."

"Now wait a minute, you little whore," he replied. "First of all, you don't talk to me like that. The only difference between you and a whore is that the whore gets paid. You fuck and suck because you're a dirty little tramp that loves cheating on your husband with strange cocks. Right now, we've got a bunch of them just for you."

I could not believe what I was hearing! Then he got off the bed and started walking over to me. "I'll tell you what, you little slut," he said. "If you don't want to get gangbanged, you don't have to. But I know that you really want to. I know what a cheap, filthy whore you really are. Let's see."

With that, he thrust his finger into my pussy. I was really excited. I had betrayed myself. I really DID want to feel this experience, but I could not admit it.

"Just as I thought," he said with a twisted smile. "Boys, she can't wait for all this cock. She's dripping wet already. She's all yours boys."

With that, his friends lept to their feet, and surrounded me. There were hands everywhere. On my breasts, in my pussy, on my thighs--all over. It felt so wonderful--having all this attention paid to me becuase the word had got around about what a slut I really was. I knew from this moment on, I would be a real slut forever.

I really couldn't think clearly, I was just moaning with pleasure. Then somebody said, "She's ready. Let's move her over to the bed."

I felt the pile of bodies moving toward the bed, and I was in the center of the action. I looked over at my coach, and he was sitting in a chair. One of his buddies called to him, "Hey, aren't you gonna get in on this fine whore?"

"Naw," he responded. "I want to watch her get abused for a while. You don't mind getting abused by five black cocks, do you slut?" he asked.

I didn't answer, so he asked again, this time louder. "Tell me, slut."

I couldn't believe my answer. I was supposed to be grocery shopping for my family, but instead I was about to get gangbanged by a group of men I didn't even know. But what made me ashamed was that I REALLY wanted it.

"No," I replied. "I want to be gang fucked by cocks." Then I yelled back, "I WANT COCK!"

With that, they all started laughing. "You'll get what you want, you little whore," said one. "Yeah, maybe we should come around school in the afternoons and get in on the daily blowjob action," said another.

On my God, no! If they start coming around school, I'll lose my job for sure, I thought.

But then, I didn't have a lot of time to think. I was thrown on the bed. "Get on your knees, whore," one of them said. "We're going to gang you doggie style."

I got up to my knees, and I felt the first one drive deep into me. He wasn't as big as my coach, but he was still much bigger than my husband. As he went in deep on the first thrust, I screamed with pain. As I opened my mouth, the one in front of me grabbed my head, and put his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe it! I was really fucking two men at once like a cheap whore. But I was loving it. I was so tuned on by what I was doing, the guy behind me had trouble staying in my pussy. I was SOOO wet!

After a minute or two of pure heaven, I felt the guy in front of me say, "Here it comes, bitch. Get it all!" Because of my training this week, I was able to get all of him with no problem. The guy in back of me liked seeing this, and shot his load into my belly as I was licking my lips.

One of them said, "I'm next." He laid down on the bed beside me and said, "Climb up on my cock, whore. I want to watch you ride." He was much larger than the first man, but I was wet with both my cum and the first guy's. I had no problem implaing his member. As I did, another man stepped on the bed, and said, "You've got an open hole, slut. Open up."

With that, I opened my mouth and started sucking. I put both hands around his cock, and went into it with wanton lust. "Damn," the guy underneath me said, "She really is a cock-hungry whore, just like you said."

I was moaning with pure delight. I was so horny. I had just been gangbanged, and I wanted more and more. I was so horny, I didn't want this time in the hotel to end.

They came also, but I came the most. The last guy said, "Back on your knees, slut." So I crawled off the softening cock I had been riding, and turned over for more doggie style. He was really turned on watching, because he was rock-hard. He came in no time, and I looked forward to my coach. He was the only one left.

He walked over to the bed. I was still on my hands and knees. He must have enjoyed the show, too. Without a word, he thrust his 10-inch cock into my virgin ass. I let go a scream--it hurt so badly. But in a few thrusts, I got the hang of it. He was really turned on, because I could feel his pre-cum lubricating my ass. When that happened, it started feeling good--really good! I never knew fucking in the ass could feel so good. I would never let my husband go there.

All of a sudden, I was coming again. This time, I could feel the orgasm going through my whole body. I was really jerking around when my coach-lover said, "You really love being a cheap slut, don't you baby?"

I couldn't deny it. "I love being your slutty, little whore, master."

"And you're going to be, whore." I didn't know what he meant by that, but I was too busy enjoying the feeling ripping through my body at the moment to respond. He felt it, too, because he came and came into my ass. He pulled out, and I collapsed on the bed. I was worn out! I didn't know how many times I had come.

As I collapsed, I turned on my back. My coach said, "Get her boys." They lined up, and I just laid there spreading my legs for whoever or whatever wanted to fuck my pussy. I was so horny that I just wanted more, but I was too tired to do anything. I just laid there while they took turns fucking me like the slutty whore I had become.

After what seemed like hours, they were all spent as well. The coach said, "Get up and go home to your family, you cheap whore." As I looked up, he was smiling. He turned to his buddies, and each of them were handing him money. He had just pimped me! I couldn't believe it. I had become a REAL whore for him. He just looked at me and smiled.

"What's the matter, whore?" he asked. "I figured I would give you the fucking you wanted so badly, and make some money at the same time. And I'm keping all the money, because I know that you would fuck for free anyway, you're such a tramp. Now get up, and get out of here. I'll call you when I want you to perform for me again."

I got up, and ran into the bathroom. I tried to clean myself up as good as possible, but I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. I had never been treated so in my life. I felt like a cheap whore, which I guess is just what I had become.

As I came out of the bathroom, all of the others were gone. The only one left was the coach. He grabbed my arm and said, "You are too trusting, you little whore. You didn't even ask about the clothes, the make-up or your hair, did you?" I was too filled with lust when I came into the hotel room to worry about little things like that. "I especially wanted your hair braided so that your hair could not hide your face from the camera."

CAMERA? I looked around with horror. There had been a video camera set up in the corner of the room, and I hadn't even notices the whole time I was fucking!

"That's right," he said as he smiled. "We got it all on video tape. You had better do as I say from now on, or else a copy of this might arrive at your husband's office AND the principal's office. And you wouldn't want the whole town to know what a willing whore you have become, would you, slut."

"How could you?" I cried. "How could I?" he asked in a surprised tone. "I think the tape will show you begging to be gangbanged, and loving it while it is going on. You were so hot, that I just might sell a copy to a buddy of mine in the porno business. Would like to be a porn star, whore?"

"Please, don't" I cried. "I'll do anything you say."

"That's better," he said. "Now you get out of here, and I'll give you a call when I want to pimp you again. You don't mind, do you whore?"

I dropped my head. "No," I said. "It really turned me on when I saw those guys paying you money for my sex. I guess I really like being a whore after all."

I couldn't believe that I admitted that to him, but it really did turn me on thinking I was a real prostitute now.

As I was driving home, I stopped by the market and picked up a few items. After all, I was supposed to be shopping. What had I done? What would become of my career and family if that tape got out? Why did enjoy fucking those men so much? What would happen next?



Copyright (c) 2003,, All Rights Reserved